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Best Wedding Videographer in Delhi | Dipak Studios

In the past few years, there has been a massive change in the way one preps for a wedding. With changing social media trends and digital taking over, there has risen a need to capture the very soul of a wedding. A typical Indian wedding consists of events such as Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeet ceremony and Wedding Ceremony. In order to capture all these events, a wedding photographer is hired who takes photographs of these events as they proceed. But a traditional photographer focuses more on capturing pre-planned moments such as asking the guests or to pose for the camera. A videographer, on the other hand, goes around the venue capturing the event as it is.

Even though a lot of people are now becoming aware of changing photography trends that let them get the most candid photographs for their wedding by hiring a Candid Photographer. In Delhi itself, the demand for good wedding photographers has increased tremendously. The same is true for the search for the best wedding videographer in Delhi. Videographers play a major role in a wedding by shooting the couple’s entry to dance performances by friends or sisters of the bride and groom.

Why Hire the Best Wedding Videographer in Delhi?

The answer to this question is very simple. If you want the best out of your money and create an experience for yourself through a video then hiring the best wedding videographer in Delhi is your best bet. Given below are some of the reasons why you should look for the best cinematographer for your wedding in Delhi.

1. Turn your wedding into a movie -The best part about hiring the best videographer is that your whole wedding can be turned into a movie or more like a documentary. A good wedding photographer always makes sure that each and every moment of a wedding is captured. Also, the cinematography skills of a photographer can turn a regular video into a full-fledged wedding episode straight out of movies. From Sangeet ceremony to Bidaai, a good video will take you directly to the moment that you’d once lived during the wedding.

2. Extra pair of eyes-Even though a wedding is a couple’s most special day, the only loose end to this day is that they can’t be present at every corner of the venue to catch up with the guests or just roam around without becoming the centre of attention. This way, the couple can miss out on a lot of things that happen during the event. The only way they can catch up with the event is by watching the wedding video. So basically, a good wedding videographer works like an extra pair of eyes who captures the happenings of the event for you. This way, you can relive the moments days, months and years after your wedding.

3. Good Camera angles and Social media worthy clips-You must have seen those amazing drone shots or single-shot videos uploaded by newlywed couples on their social media handles. Some look good, some look disastrous but some look like a glimpse from a Karan Johar movie. Well, that’s the magic of using good camera techniques. If you hire the best wedding videographer in Delhi then you can get some dreamy shots from your wedding that you can upload on your Facebook or Instagram. This will not only help you create some really wonderful memories from your wedding that can be cherished forever but let you share the best of your wedding with your friends, family, and followers on Instagram which will really up to your social media game. Well, who doesn’t like to show off a little bit on Instagram every now and then? Well, the best wedding videographer in Delhi will give you a chance to do that.

How to Hire the Best Wedding Videographer in Delhi?

In order to find the best wedding videographer in Delhi, you have to keep in mind a few things that will help you in making the right choice. Since there are so many different and amazing videographers available in Delhi right now that it can be a little hard for you. But don’t worry, just keep the given below points in your mind and you’ll be able to make the best choice for your wedding.

1. Portfolio, Portfolio, & Portfolio-Going through portfolios of Videographers can give you a lot of idea about their style and also their limitations. Then shortlist the videographers you like and set-up meetings and interviews.

2. Discuss expectations- Communicating with them is key if you want to know if they are really perfect for you. Once it clicks, let the videographer know about your expectations and how you want your video to look like. Also, ask for some ideas from the videographer.

3. Stay within the Budget-If you have allotted a budget for videographer then try to find someone who can work within it. If a videographer is going over your budget then ask for him/her to come down to a reasonable price that you can pay. Usually, a good videographer manages according to clients’ needs unless the budget is way too low.

4. Equipment and Crisis Management-Another thing to consider is if the videographer has the right equipment and maybe even spare. Spare equipment makes sure that the video of the event is being shot smoothly. It can be a trouble if the videographer runs out of battery. Since you’ll be busy with the wedding, you won’t be able to look after the videographer’s needs. So, it is always best to hire someone who is prepared for a crisis.

We know how overwhelming it can be for you to choose the best wedding videographer in Delhi on one hand while prepping for the wedding on the other. Well, in the videography section, we have got you covered. We, at Dipak Studios, provide the best wedding videography solutions in Delhi.

Why choose Dipak Studios for your wedding videography?

Dipak Studiosis among the top wedding photography businesses in Delhi and Gurgaon. We provide services ranging from wedding photographers and cinematographers to album designers and video editors. Moreover, we have also covered destinations weddings in Amsterdam and Dubai. Also, we are famous for covering celeb weddings including Rishi Kapoorand Amitabh Bachchan daughter. Our aim is to deliver moments in a unique flavour so that you can enjoy your wedding day years after your wedding.